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Price UOM (price maintenance)

Price unit of measure specify type of unit of measure used for calculating formula-based prices; valid options:

Costing use the Costing UOM defined on the item record

PC Ref use the Piece reference UOM defined on the item record (available only when Qty breaks by is set to Dimension on the price record)

Specify use the UOM assigned on the price record, selected from a list of valid UOMs for the item

If the price record is defined for a price code, the system displays a list of valid UOMs for the first item found for the price code.

Stocking use the Stocking UOM defined on the item record

For price records defined by price code, select an option other than Specify to ensure a valid quantity break UOM applies to all items assigned the price code.

Valid values for price/discount import:


PC Ref



The system ignores values in this field when importing price records other than formula-based.

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